Crisis Readiness
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Harness the power of AI to swiftly build crisis plans, train your team, and secure your business future. You'll be prepared for crises in hours, not weeks

At CrisisDojo, we're blending decades of crisis management expertise with cutting-edge AI to deliver an efficient, affordable, and simple solution for crisis readiness.
Whether you're a busy startup or an established enterprise with a deadline, you can build tailored crisis plans and exercises in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

Start Preparing Now

All the crisis readiness tools you need are just a click away

Stop worrying about the 'what ifs' and start preparing instead. With CrisisDojo, you'll empower your organization to be ready for crises in mere hours, not weeks. Minimize uncertainty, safeguard your investments, and fortify your team. You'll love the efficiency, your CFO will love the savings.Your work is complicated and fast-moving.
You need a way to prepare for crises today not months from now.

Streamline Your Crisis Readiness with Our Powerful Tools

Plan builder

Answer a few questions and CrisisDojo will build customized crisis management policies, plans, and SOPs for your organization.Coming Soon - we're adding a business continuity management segment to all plans so all your contingencies are in one place.

Exercise Builder

Pick a scenario and our Exercise Builder generates a realistic crisis exercise. You'll be embedding the skills and abilities you need to succeed in a crisis in hours, not weeks.

Research Co-Pilot

Let the AI-powered Research Co-Pilot find past events that have impacted firms like yours to identify what you need to prepare for quickly.

Capability Audit (coming soon)

Generate a list of contingencies specific to the risks you face, then use the easy audit tool to determine what's in good shape and what needs work.

Prepare Your Business with Our Fast, Simple, and Secure Crisis Management Toolkit

Time is valuable, especially during a crisis. With CrisisDojo, you'll be crisis-ready in a fraction of the time required by traditional approaches. And you won't be left guessing – CrisisDojo does the work for you, letting you focus on building the skills you need. Our technology is robust, backed by 30+ years of crisis management experience. And your data security is paramount – we ensure that no identifying information is shared outside the app, and all data is encrypted and stored in SOC2-compliant data centers.





Not to mention affordable

Comprehensive Crisis Readiness: Unbeatable Prices

CrisisDojo aims to democratize crisis readiness. We offer packages within the reach of even the smallest organization. Choose from our Bronze, Silver, or Gold packages and rest easy knowing you're prepared for whatever comes your way.



+ A detailed CMP tailored to your organization containing step-by-step instructions for how to prepare for and navigate a crisis.



Bronze Package Plus:
+ One custom, scenario-based exercise
+ One set of edits*
Most popular



Silver Package Plus:
+ Three custom, scenario-based exercises
+ Additional set of edits*
+ Five paper copies of your plan

Additional crisis exercises can be purchased individually

* Edits can be made within 12 months of the initial plan development
** Paper plans only currently available in the US & UK.

Model risk scenarios in minutes, not days

See The Difference with Our Free Policy Builder Demo

See just how easily you can generate customized documentation with CrisisDojo. Answer a few questions and we'll email you a free Crisis Management Policy for your organization.

Sample CMP

Click the image to see a sample plan, including the full table of contents and examples of the quick start guide and annexes.

Unleash Your Potential with Swift, AI-Driven Tools

At CrisisDojo, we use carefully customized AI tools to generate potential risk scenarios, contingencies, and even training exercise resources for your organization in hours, not weeks.Click start below to launch the toolkit.

Start Building Your Customized CMP Now

Answer a few simple questions and add the relevant data for your organization, and you'll have a customized crisis management plan (CMP) within an hour. See an example plan~ No lengthy consultations
~ No hourly billing
~ No waiting weeks for a plan to arrive
30 minutes of your time + 1 flat fee* = crisis readiness*See package details

Articles, Tools and Ideas

One of the biggest challenges with AI is staying up to date with the technology. But developing the tools and mental models necessary to understand how to approach the technology is just as difficult.
Here are some resources I find useful.

Staying Up to Date

Daily NewsThere are a lot of email newsletters, podcasts and blogs about AI but you don't need to read them all unless you want to get really deep into the subject.
A great daily show to help you stay on top of developments in AI is The AI Breakdown with Nathaniel Whittemore (@NLW)
I listen to it daily and haven't been disappointed. (There's also a video version and an email you'll find linked in the podcast shownotes.)

Deep TechThe deep tech on AI can get, well, a little deep. However, I've found The Practical AI Podcast with Chris Benson and Daniel Whitenack to be very accessible for anyone who's non-technical. Episodes like 'From ML to AI' (episode #228) are great introductions to the field as a whole.

My Ideas and Frameworks

What Does AI Mean for our Jobs?AI is going to be part of our jobs from here in on but whether or not it takes our jobs is largely up to us. I've put together a list of questions to ask yourself about how to think about your new AI co-worker. Whether you're new to the workforce, about to retire, or anywhere in between, this should help you work out what to do.
Read How To Think About AI at Work

The AI 'Personalities'A good way to think about AI is as an assistant or consultant. However, just like human assistants, our AI counterparts have different personalities. This is a simple matrix I use to think about the kinds of AI I might interact with and which one I might want to use for a task.
Read more about the AI personalities

AI for Risk, Crisis, Security and Safety?I'm trying to track what AI means for Risk, Crisis, Security and Safety professionals with respect to how it can help us but also where we face new challenges.
Here's a recent LinkedIn roundtable I took part in (and thanks to Christian Harris for the kind invitation) From June 21, 2023

Other Writing, Thinking and Reports

Here are some other resources of interest in no particular order. (Inclusion doesn't mean I agree with or endorse the piece.)

  • The US AI Risk Management Framework (NIST Project page) Link

  • Why AI Will Save the World by Marc Andreessen... Link

  • ...And a rebuttal to Marc Andreesen from Dwarkesh Patel Link

  • The economic potential of generative AI: The next productivity frontier McKinsey Link

  • The EU's AI regulations page Link

Here's what I'm Building...

A risk and crisis bot

The aim is to build a chatbot-style interface to allow users to query a model trained on a specific dataset. Eventually, I intend to build two models. 1) a risk & crisis advisor giving theoretical advice on aspect of risk and crisis management. 2) a risk-metrics engine that allows users to get near-realtime data for use in risk assessments (similar to the DCDR Metrics program).

Terrible proof of concept June 2023 demo (unfortunate it's 2 minutes, not the 60 seconds I promised.... 😬)

Proof of concept - June 2023
The first version uses three of my books as a dataset with good results. As a fall-back, the query goes to OpenAI if the question is outside of the parameters of the custom model. The UI is via a separate webpage to improve user access.
Observations / Next Steps Queries are more of a search-type query than a synthesized result with pros and cons depending upon the end use. There are limitations with the access / costs for the current platform meaning the model can only run manually, not 24/7.

AI Chatbot V2 DeployementThe updated chatbot is now installed on the andrewsheves website and on this page. Look for the chat button in the bottom right corner. This uses Beyond The Spreadsheet, the ERM System Build Guide and a demo crisis management plan (CMP) to answer questions on risk and crisis. As a fall-back, it diverts queries to ChatGPT if a question can't be answered from the knowledgebase .